Ugo Facca, Partner and Managing Director

Ugo is a banking professional with more than three decades of experience in private, corporate and investment banking. Before establishing Fincor Capital SA he was general manager of a private bank in Zurich. He is based in Zurich, acting as managing director of Fincor Capital SA.

Alexander Murbach, Partner and Non-Executive Director

After graduating with a MSc from London School of Economics and Political Science, Alexander worked in business risk consulting and private banking in Nassau (Bahamas), London and Zurich. He is based in Nassau and assists with expanding the international business network of Fincor Capital SA.

Heinz Barandun, Non-Executive Director

Heinz has 50+ years experience in corporate finance, shipping and wealth management. He serves on the board of a major shipping cooperation and advised large investment funds of major banks for many years throughout his career.

Roland Wiesmann, Manager Execution

Roland has worked in the financial industry for over 30 years, developing in depth know how in trading, analysis and execution when working for Swiss banks in Zurich and abroad. He joined our team at the inception of Fincor Capital SA to supervise all trading and portfolio management activities.

Jacqueline Girard, Manager Administration

Jacqueline has also been part of our team since inception of Fincor Capital SA after working for Swiss banks for more than 30 years, assisting in client matters and office administration. She manages and supervises all support functions for our global clientele.